RDTEResearch, Development, Test, & Evaluation
RDTEresource definition table entry
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To join OTC as an operational test officer, an ORSA, or an RDTE NCO, military members can contact their branch managers and civilians can inquire online through www.
Note that many brigade commanders choose to stay as actively involved as possible in providing feedback to RDTE and fielding efforts, even if they directly manage no funds in the process.
E-Rate $M Variable O&M 50 Yes RDTE 15 No MILCON 35 No Total 100 Initial Budget $100M Budget Cut $5M Specified Rate 5 / 100 = 5% Effective Rate 5 / 50 = 10%
Horgen, Chief Executive Officer of Nichols Research Corporation (NRC) announced today that NRC was recently awarded a $10M contract by the Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center RDTE Division (NRaD) to operate and maintain the Innovative Science and Technology Experimentation Facility (ISTEF) at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
To mitigate this lack of funds to handle emergent requirements, we requested RDTE funding through the Office of Naval Research's Rapid Technical Transition (RTT) process, to begin integrating AIS information into the Global Command and Control System (GCCS) family of systems.
We considered our integrated AIS capability, developed using the RTT RDTE based on rapid requirements creep, to be an 80 percent solution for the fleet.