RDURRetrospective Drug Utilization Review
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In the misoprostol RDUR intervention, 8 percent of patients named in the letters started using misoprostol, compared with 1 percent of controls, a small but statistically significant effect.
In Maryland, the RDUR intervention was conducted by the State Pharmacists' Association targeting 81 patients on acute dosage levels of Zantac for more than 56 days during a review period.
These studies found that all three RDUR interventions achieved the expected effects--either a reduction or an increase in use of a specified drug, depending on the interventions.
On the other hand, our analyses of three RDUR interventions found statistically significant effects on prescription drug utilization in the hypothesized directions.
The RDUR was relatively effective, but here too, caution would be advisable.
It was also clear in the three RDUR studies that prescribers responded to letters from State DUR boards targeted to specific drugs and patients.