RDVRendezvous (Buick SUV)
RDVRapid Design Visualization
RDVRice Dwarf Virus
RDVRecommended Daily Value
RDVRegional Development Victoria (Australia)
RDVRepeatable Digital Validation
RDVReference Dose Values
RDVRotary Drum Vacuum (winemaking)
RDVReading Vocabulary
RDVRemotely Deployed Vehicle
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Speaking in Shepparton this morning, Minister Pulford unveiled the new line-up for RDV, who, under the leadership of Mr Flintoft, will play a vital role in delivering the Governments commitments to regional and rural Victorians under the Regional Statement.
Dual of a cell is a cell, LDV becomes RDV, and the cardinality restriction on RDV is easy to view.
The RDV drives each BSU swaying to and fro, periodically, and astricts several BSUs swaying in sequence, create undulating wave, with controlled spreading frequency and direction.
We then attempted to detect herpesvirus by using RDV version 3.
RDV 2007 delivers a new and enhanced set of visualization and simulation capabilities to Autodesk users such as object animation, support of Google Earth, real physical interaction and full support of all images inside AutoCAD, including MrSid, ECW, and more.
Showing RDV 2/1-4 dual-vacuum sizing tank and 4-in.
Pritzat Derech used Autodesk Civil 3D to build a real-time Internet enabled simulation/visualization product, RDV -- Rapid Design Visualization.
Luke Jackson and Blake Stepp will be among the 17 finalists vying for one of 12 roster spots on the USA Basketball Men's Pan American Games Team when preparations for the Games begin today at the RDV Sportsplex.
There we were told to claim an RDV (Refreshment Delay Voucher) as "compensation" for our hours of misery.
Orlando Miracle fans staged their own protest in August upon learning that Pat Williams, senior vice president of Miracle owner RDV Sports, sent a letter in an envelope imprinted with the company's return address in opposition to the city's proposed antidiscrimination ordinance.
On display will be the latest CDS Sunriser prover, the RDV freezing and recovery systems, 80/20 H3 freezing cabinet and SVHD cabinet, as well as a range of interactive control panels.
FACS FACC Director of Medical Affairs RDV Corporation Grand Rapids, Michigan