RDVDCRecordable DVD Council
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The RDVDC has also been administering and promoting the use of "RAM-Compatible" logos as an easy way for consumers to identify DVD-RAM compatible products in the market.
As further proof of this, most of the more than 80 member companies of the RDVDC announced new recordable DVD products at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
The RDVDC is a coalition of nearly 100 leading DVD technology developers and manufacturers who are working to expand the use of recordable DVD technologies (DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW) that comply with the recordable DVD formats established by the DVD Forum.
The RDVDC, a coalition of nearly 100 leading DVD technology developers and users, held the information exchange at the Las Vegas Convention Center the day before the opening of COMDEX 2002.
The Council's membership has grown from 58 to 87 companies since the RDVDC was established a year ago, making it the largest recordable DVD industry alliance among similar kinds of promotional groups.
The compatibility tests have been conducted with the participation of member companies from both the RWPPI Round Robin Test and the RDVDC Compatibility Working Group.
With a growing number of companies manufacturing recordable DVD products, the RDVDC established the Compatibility Working Group to support newcomers to this market.
Among these moves, the RDVDC has created a new "RAM Compatible" logo to designate products capable of recording and playing back -- or just playing back -- video images on DVD-RAM discs in the Video Recording Format*.
For more information, contact Tony Jasionowski, Director RDVDC North America, at tel.
RDVDC executive members from Hitachi, Matsushita (Panasonic), Ritek and Samsung encouraged consumers to demand only "Real DVD" - products that pass the robust format standards of the widely recognised DVD Forum.