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RDWRed Wing (Amtrak station code; Red Wing, MN)
RDWRecht Der Wirtschaft (German: Law of the Economy)
RDWRed Cell Distribution Width
RDWRed Cell Distribution
RDWRed Deck Wins
RDWRetail Data Warehouse
RDWReal Debate Wisconsin (political blog)
RDWRecord Descriptor Word
RDWRijks Dienst Wegverkeer (Dutch)
RDWRadio Dunkle Welle (Internet radio)
RDWRetek Data Warehouse
RDWRequest for Deviation/Waiver
RDWRapid Development Workshop
RDWRegistered Dock Worker
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Results: NLR, PLR, and RDW were significantly higher in patients with colorectal cancer than in healthy participants (p<0.
Conslusion: RDW, MPV values were independently associated with MTX therapy.
Parameters studied were Hb, RDW, serum iron and serum ferritin.
RDW has been widely accepted as a useful biomarker associated with mortality in patients with various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as heart failure,[sup][1] acute pulmonary embolism,[sup][2] acute coronary syndrome,[sup][3],[4] stroke,[sup][5],[6] and peripheral artery disease.
The aim of this study was to detect the prognostic value of RDW and lactate for the patients admitted to emergency services and those in CCUs and to compare them with regard to scoring systems.
Conclusions: Serum and spot urine uric acid levels, serum CRP levels, MPV, and RDW cannot predict the development of cardiovascular disease in patients with essential hypertension.
RDW is a boutique executive search firm for blue chip clients operating out of London and New York.
The MCHC, RBC count, MCV, and RDW showed significant difference between male and female [beta]-thalassemia major patients.
Perhaps no other artistic work captures the evolution, fluidity, and complexity of Chinese social memory and nationalism than RDW.
The current study was planned to determine the role of RDW levels in the diagnosis of UGIH.
The aim of this study was to measure the RDW and NT-proBNP levels before CRT, for we hypothesized that these biomarkers, either alone or in combination, can predict the long-term mortality following CRT.
We are delighted to welcome Chris on board," said fellow RDW sirector Carol Huitson.