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RDXCyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (CAS Number 121-82-4)
RDXRoyal Demolition Explosive
RDXRegional Data Exchange
RDXResearch and Development Explosive (less common)
RDXHexahydro-Trinitro-Triazine (explosive/propellant)
RDXRussian Depositary Index
RDXRapid Detonating Explosive
RDXResearch Department Explosive/Royal Demolition Explosive (British code name for Hexahydro-trinitro-triazine)
RDXResearch and Development Xtreme (electric touring car)
RDXRapid Deployment X-Ponder
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Drivers looking to take the new Acura RDX for a test drive are encouraged to contact West Side Acura at 888-887-5260, or visit the website at www.
important to provide all users of RDX technology with the option to add an
The RDX 8000 with data deduplication is $4,999, and $3,889 without it, the company added.
The plants have been engineered to extract nitrogen from RDX and withstand TNT toxicity, while rendering both compounds harmless.
Combined, the RDX OEMs have shipped 200 petabytes of RDX capacity on over one million RDX cartridges to 250,000 customers worldwide.
ADDERView RDX is available worldwide now, with country-specific keyboard layouts and a choice of 17- or 19-inch screen options.
We are honored to accept this award from ProStor Systems and look forward to continued global expansion of RDX technology," added Pat Clarke, CEO of Tandberg Data.
Traces of RDX were found in an investigation of explosions that crippled two heavily fortified Israeli tanks, indicating Palestinian militants have obtained at least small quantities of the extremely potent material
When a stream of air containing trace amounts of the explosives passed over the cantilever, molecules of PETN and RDX attached to the cantilever's coated surface, causing the cantilever to bend "like a diving board," says Oak Ridge team member Lal Pinnaduwage.
Jeff Thiel, president and CEO said, "We are excited about the opportunity to utilize the RDX in this additional patient population.
Increased Capacity of RDX Media and Appliances Enables SMBs to Better Manage Explosive Data Growth