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RDXCyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (CAS Number 121-82-4)
RDXRoyal Demolition Explosive
RDXRegional Data Exchange
RDXResearch and Development Explosive (less common)
RDXHexahydro-Trinitro-Triazine (explosive/propellant)
RDXRussian Depositary Index
RDXRapid Detonating Explosive
RDXResearch Department Explosive/Royal Demolition Explosive (British code name for Hexahydro-trinitro-triazine)
RDXResearch and Development Xtreme (electric touring car)
RDXRapid Deployment X-Ponder
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PSE's independently machined aluminum RDX Barrel rail bridges the gap between the bow and the stock/foregrip.
Composition B (Comp B) explosive is a mixture of 60% RDX, 40%TNT but in some cases 1% wax is also added as desensitizing agent.
important to provide all users of RDX technology with the option to add an
The RDX 8000 Removable Disk Library comes with up to eight removable disk-drive slots, enabling users to take data offsite to an archive, according to the company.
According to NDTV, the Gujarat Forensic Sciences Laboratory (GFSL) has concluded that high intensity explosive RDX was mixed with ammonium nitrate to make the bomb, top government sources said.
The genetically modified plants contain biological genes, which allow them toithstand two toxic explosive compounds found in shells, bombs and missiles, TNT and RDX, The Scotsman reports.
British scientists have given plants bacterial genes that allow them to thrive around TNT and RDX, toxic explosive compounds found in shells, bombs and missiles.
As the only vendor offering RDX technology as part of a multi-tiered storage system, ProStor is uniquely suited to provide a cost-effective solution where data is stored at the most effective level given business retention and retrieval requirements.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-March 8, 2011-Adder launches ADDERView RDX rack trays(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
RDX can be released in the environment by way of waste streams generated during the manufacture, use, and disposal of RDX-containing munitions and can leach into groundwater from unexploded munitions found on training ranges.
Summary: REGGIO DI CALABRIA, Italy: Italian authorities have seized 7 tons of powerful RDX explosive being shipped from Iran to Syria, police said on Wednesday.