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In certain cases a dictionary article provides a detailed comment on the appearance of realia.
The examples presented here also showed that detailed scenarios with detailed assessment plans are best, and that realia such as picture-naming tasks and other tools add a further authentic flavour.
Today, Realia and Hispania shares were suspended from trading by Bolsa de Madrid, Reuters noted.
The authentic materials drawn from real life are what Richards and Rodgers (1995) refer to as realia, and Nunan (1995) calls task-based materials.
Realia and authentic materials increase learners' motivation but are difficult to adapt to the learner's level of language, especially at the beginning level.
Parinktu nugareliu paklaidos lyginant su realia nugarele (nugareles parinktos pagal spaustuves metodika--lenteles) Fig.
Bitel focuses on the realia that survive from those periods but occasionally on what does not survive since many buildings or sites she refers to now lie in rains; some lay in ruins even in the Middle Ages.
Professor Helmut Koester of Harvard Divinity School has pioneered in the publication of realia, surviving physical artifacts from the Greek east and the urban environments in which they were located.
Based primarily on Sheldon Cohen's award-winning NFB treatment of Roch Carrier's story of the same name, the CD also introduces original and pseudo-original supporting materials: "The Hockey Song" by well-known Canadian singer Stompin' Tom Connors; interviews with Roch Carrier and Marcil Dargis, the artist for the film, along with a gallery of his work; theme-related essays and biographies; historical realia such as the old-time Eaton's catalogue and hockey cards from then and now, as well as a vast collection of photographs from the era.