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REAPSReal Estate Association of Puget Sound
REAPSRecycling and Environmental Action Planning Society
REAPSReportable Excess Automated Property System (US DOE)
REAPSReligious Education and Pastoral Studies (degree program; Sacred Heart University; Fairfield, CT)
REAPSRural Enlightenment and Accretion in Philippine Society
REAPSRecycling Education Assistance for Public Schools (Department of Environmental Protection; Massachusetts)
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It is Capital and Labour over again, for in literature also we reap in gladness what others have sown in tears.
to be a poet, and to reap the success of an apothecary
These people were not so well clad as the first, whose servants or labourers they seemed to be; for, upon some words he spoke, they went to reap the corn in the field where I lay.
They sow and reap here in every season, the ground is always producing, and the fruits ripen throughout the year; so great, so charming is the variety, that the whole region seems a garden laid out and cultivated only to please.