REBCORussian Export Blend Crude Oil
REBCOrare-earth barium-copper-oxide (high-temperature superconductors)
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REBCO Enterprises produces the "Hydropot," the world's only ultra-low energy, fully self-contained, soilless growing system that recycles water.
Reb Bieber, founder of REBCO Enterprises, moved his family to Grand Junction from California in order to participate in the Jump-Start program.
REBCO and TSW Analytical are joined by two local expansion projects: Colorado Clean, a biodegradable plastics company, and ProStar Geocorp[TM], a software company providing GIS 'Geospatial Intelligent Solutions[TM]' to pipeline and utility owners.
To this end, PKN ORLEN has signed an annex to its contract with Rosneft Oil Company of June last year for long-term oil supplies to the Czech Republic via the Druzhba Pipeline, thus securing an additional 50 thousand tonnes of REBCO crude oil per month, with total value of the annex of USD 1,05bn.
8 thousand tonnes of REBCO oil, with a value of approximately USD 314m (around PLN 1,044m).