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Recce Ltd (ASX: RCE) is a provider of synthetic-polymer compounds, particularly against all bacteria, and viruses.
The 77-grain OTM Mk 262 ammunition from Black Hills addressed the cartridge side of this equation, and SEAL armorers developed the Recce rifle as a lightweight modular carbine that had enhanced ballistic performance and utility over the M4.
may have done recce of the area' Army lost three men in the operation.
By contrast 30 Tarantula Hawks weigh just 20lbs apiece and are used as recce aides by bomb-disposal teams in Afghanistan.
You were chosen to serve in this recce platoon because you were good soldiers - responsible, dependable and steadfast in the face of adversity.
Abdulaziz al-Kuwari and Irish co-driver Killian Duffy jetted into Amman just as the first day of recce was about to start yesterday morning.
The channel's executive producer Ajmal Shaukat Ali is already in Muscat for the recce.
Summary: According to a letter based on intercepts between Pakistani handlers and terrorists the top LeT commanders have sneaked into the city and were conducting recce of strategic locations.
He said: "The event is fairly unique for a national level rally as they allow a recce beforehand so that we could produce our own pace notes.
RECCE LONDON iPhone/iPad Free Mapping apps have become a bit of a battleground recently, with Apple ditching Google to launch its own service in the next version of iOS.
Since the Cold War, things have considerably changed and, thanks to major breakthroughs in Optronics and communications, not to mention the modified tactical environment, light and medium armoured vehicles equipped with devices that allow long-range day and night observation, and provide the exact target grids, are currently considered the state-of-the-art of a widened recce role known as RSTA (Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition).