RECFReceiving Force
RECFRapid Evaluation of Cognitive Functions Test (neurology)
RECFRisk of Excess Cancer Fatalities
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determined the RECF in the calf while a blood pressure cuff restricted blood flow [25].
Electrode removal and reapplication changed the RECF measurement by 0.
In addition, recombinant sequences were confirmed in patients' samples by using the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with primers RECF (5'-CTCAACAGAGCTGTGCTAGTCATGCAATCC-3'; nucleotide positions 5229-5258) and RECR (5'-TCCACTGAGGTTGAGAAAACCATATTGCAC-3'; nucleotide positions 5748-5777), designed on the basis of isolates SHA63 and SHA66 genome sequences and DNA sequencing.