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RECITERegions and Cities for Europe (community program)
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Sara Ray alone had not heard the Story Girl recite it.
The Eugene City Council on June 20 is scheduled to discuss Councilor Mike Clark's request to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at council meetings
In a couple weeks I could recite whole sections without looking at the notecard.
9) This means all women after childbirth (in addition to the other circumstances described in the text), according to the law, ought to recite birkhat ha-gomel.
13 ( ANI ): After the Madhya Pradesh Madarsa Board followed in the Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Shiksha Parishad's footsteps in ordering all 256 Madrasas in the state to unfurl the national flag and recite the national anthem on August 15, the Congress party on Sunday categorically stated that the saffron party didn't induce patriotism, it is in our DNA and should not be forced.
Only 20 technology companies have been chosen to take part in the mission and Recite Me is the only one from the North East.
The remaining three poets worked even harder to recite their poems to perfection and managed to draw some praise from the judges on poems about nationalism, love and unjust judgment.
Linda Flores, a Clackamas Republican and the bill's chief sponsor, pointed out that state representatives recite the pledge every day.
Public school students in Texas will observe a minute of silence to reflect, meditate or pray and recite pledges of allegiance starting this coming school year.
In what he describes as an attempt to build up the moral character of the nation, a retired flower shop owner in Nashville, Tennessee has set up a program that pays children $10 each to memorize and recite the Ten Commandments.
The qurra and huffaz had been selected from each province, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Gilgit-Baltistan earlier to participate in eight categories included to recite whole Quran; to recite randomly first 20 paras (chapters) and to recite randomly from first 10 Paras.