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RECKRegional Engineering College Kurukshetra
RECKRhyno Edge Christian Kurt (wrestling)
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However, though pronounced exactly like to reck, to wreck (spelt with an initial "w") is to destroy a system, exactly as torrential rains do to property in countries like ours, where production and storage are not yet based essentially on any real mastery of science and technology.
Between the 1920s and 1930s, Reck became a novelist, producing children's adventure stories.
The only downtown home to both a stale capital and a Presidential library, will soon he linked on both sides of the Arkansas River by 24 miles of one of the best trail systems of parks and pedestrian bridges in the country upon completion of renovation of the Clinton Presidential Bridge (formerly Reck Island Railroad Bridge).
During her riveting solo Dissipating Pathways, Erin Reck, a dancer and choreographer who splits her time between Houston and New York, delicately traces lines on her body that follow the pathways of the human nervous system.
Award-winning author Price and internationally-known architectural and interior design photographer Reck collaborate to more than adequately explore and define what it is that makes the university more than an educational facility.
The benefits of remote deposit capture are so clear that it no longer was really an option for North Island to offer it, according to Bob Reck, first vice president of business services.
Former Schalke players Youri Mulder, Oliver Reck and Mike Buskens have taken charge after the sacking of Fred Rutten, although their lack of enthusiasm for the task is unlikely to spark the Gelsenkirchen club into life.
He begins by saying, "There is a widespread hunch among wine writers and winemakers that a lot of New World reck .
Her brothers Saul and Maxwell Reck and her sister Edith Cotton predeceased her.
Binni had skin allergy, rheumatism and cataracts but the refuse collectors' boss, Ian Reck, paid the vets' bill and took her home to be bathed.
The strongest element in this production is Stefan Anton Reck, who conducts an idiomatic performance.
Our customers are looking for a BPM solution to meet the stringent demands of [Sarbanes-Oxley], Basel II and other corporate compliance issues," says Gary Reck, national director of business development at Resources Global Professionals.