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RECPRenewable Energy Cooperation Programme (Africa-EU Energy Partnership)
RECPRecovery Pending
RECPRolled Erosion Control Product
RECPRegional Emergency Coordination Plan
RECPRadiation Exposure Compensation Program
RECPRenewable Energy Commercialisation Program (Australia)
RECPRice Export Corporation of Pakistan
RECPRequest for Engineering Change Proposal
RECPRegional Emergency Services Communications Planner
RECPRural Environmental Conservation Program
RECPRecord Engineering Change Proposal
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Here again, the RECP is playing a key role in al- tering the landscape.
This is where the RECP comes in by providing a platform to support and coordinate B2B meetings that bring the relevant actors together.
For applications where natural vegetation alone will not provide sufficient protection from soil erosion under concentrated flow conditions or provide sufficient long-term erosion protection, a permanent RECP may be used.
A turf reinforcement mat (TRM) is a permanent RECP composed of non-degradable synthetic fibers, filaments, nets, wire mesh, or other elements, processed into a permanent, 3-D matrix of sufficient thickness.
The Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC), a non-profit organization for the development of standards, testing, education, and installation techniques for RECP technologies, has a Web-based tool, available at www.
This edition includes updated methodologies for vegetated and manufactured RECP design addressing currently available commercial products.
This DVD provides visual step-by-step instruction on procedures including site preparation, RECP placement, RECP stapling/staking, anchoring trench details, and shingling of RECPs.
While first responders had long used an incident command system for emergency communication, such a communications plan for policy leaders had been lacking, making its development a critical first step of the RECP.
Through the RICCS system, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, officials participating in the RECP and other key decision makers can be notified of incidents and share information.
Each ESF section of the RECP corresponds to a similar section in the structure used by FEMA.
The ESF section of the RECP that addresses health, mental health, and medical services (ESF #8) incorporates plans for public health services as well as private sector organizations such as hospitals and the American Red Cross.