REDCOMReadiness Command
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Reducing the time and cost of license management for our customers was a program objective we kept at the top of the list, offered Kevin Moriarty, Director, Marketing at REDCOM.
LGS and REDCOM demonstrated their ability at JUICE 2009 to provide seamless, secure interoperability between fixed and mobile, tactical military users over a converged network.
The joint, fully interoperable solution combines the LGS Tactical Base Station Router (TacBSR(TM)) multi-band GSM cellular system and the REDCOM SLICE[R] 2100[TM] voice switching system, powered by REDCOM's TRANSip[R] technology suite which enables seamless integrated VoIP and TDM interoperability in a single platform.
Independent Technologies Megger National Technical Systems REDCOM Laboratories Specialized Products Co.
Whether you are looking to add DSL or IPTV services, REDCOM has you covered when it comes to an interoperable carrier-class solution that interfaces with these value-added services.
NIPR DSN connectivity was accomplished by connecting two T1s off REDCOM IGX analogue voice switches at the DMAIN and DREAR to Cisco ITS routers, which tied into NIPR call managers.
The Midwest JO Conference was a concept under evaluation when CAPT John Zarem, Commanding Officer for Naval Reserve Fleet and Industrial Supply Center San Diego Headquarters 119 invited the REDCOM Midwest N4A CDR Peter Tombasco to attend a similar JO conference held in San Diego for the Southwest/Northwest Region in April 2002.
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The Joint Circuit Switch Network consisted of single shelter switches AN/ TTC-56, Node Centers AN/TTC47, and REDCOM IGX switches.
area got together for a 208th SC birthday luncheon with guests RADM Ronald Route, Commander, Navy Warfare Development Command; and CAPT Timothy Stoessel, Deputy Commander, REDCOM NE on Feb.
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