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REDEXReducible Expression (lambda calculus)
REDEXRanging Equipment Diagnostic Expert (system)
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Back then, everybody got a shot of Redex with their petrol.
Let r be a redex in soliton graph G, and assume that [G.
Redex say four new oil additives could give even a vehicle from the veteran's league a new lease of life.
We're extremely encouraged with the opportunity to play a vital role in supporting the REDEX group.
5mph to your speed, more crudely putting Redex petrol additive in the tank created an impressive plume of smoke, injecting lighter fuel into the carburettor gave a phenomenal surge of power.
Inc, Deltran PT, Dings Dynamic, Electroid, Emerson Power Transmission - Morse, Formsprag Clutch, Inc, Hilliard Corporation, Inertia Dynamics, Kebco Power Transmission, Inc, Lenze, Magnetic Technologies, Magtrol, Inc, Marland Clutch, Ogura Industrial Corp, Placid Industries, Inc, Redex Andantex, Andantex USA, Inc, Merobel, Stearns, Stromag GmbH, and Warner Electric.
REDEX is made up of 87 recreational vehicle dealers across the US and accounts for an estimated 15% of the annual RV sales in the US.
As part of the agreement, Reynolds will provide a full range of forms and related products to REDEX and its 84 RV dealerships.
The total debt of $75,000 to Services de courtage Lessard was payable $50,000 in cash and $25,000 by the issuance of Common Shares of Redex.
The New Markets Group of The Reynolds and Reynolds Company today announced that REDEX has selected the company as its document management solutions provider.
As such Redex had to improve its corporate governance structure and procedures.
Today, MEROBEL is a specialized division of REDEX ANDANTEX, an independent group which owns three production plants in Europe and in the USA, and employs more than 300 people, with more than one third being graduate engineers and technicians.