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REDIALRéseau Européen d'Information et de Documentation sur l'Amérique Latine (French: European Network for Information and Documentation on Latin America)
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Debbie said: "I just kept hitting redial because when you hear an engaged tone you know you're not being charged.
Essentially, Redial Supervision is a way to work out any kinks between a central station's receiver and our redialers," said NextAlarm.
The Air Boat, designed in silver and blue with red or yellow accents, offers tone/pulse switch, last number redial and a two-year warranty.
Features include nine-number memory, page button, flash key and last number redial.
The P600 has a 42-character, multiline display, function menu review, clock, calendar and 20-number memory and redial.
The last vote I got in was for Jennifer, and then I hit redial and I could have redialed for two hours, instead I only did for 15 minutes.
England fan Rod, 32, said: "Unfortunately the redial button on my phone doesn't work so I had to manually dial the whole number every time.
The unit can store up to nine numbers for quick dial and features adjustments for ringer and receiver volume, a mute button, a call timer, last number redial, a keypad lock and battery-level indicator.
The Scala-700 VoIP[TM] Dual Purpose Headset also features a phone activated location buzzer for finding a misplaced unit, battery status indicator, voice command, mute, redial, call reject and conference call capabilities.
Then she tried to book an appointment - but had to hit the redial key for two hours before reaching a clerk.
The automatic redial service will be available in metropolitan France on standard analog phone lines with touchtone telephones (subject to technical availability).