REDVReal Estate Development
REDVReverse End Diastolic Velocity (umbilical artery)
REDVRelative End-Diastolic Volume (cardiology)
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Umbilical artery 22 8 S/D ratio( high) 25 5 PI(high) 25 5 AEDV 0 3 REDV 0 0 2.
Operating in Jordan for ten years with JD50 million in capital in a strong partnership with Global Investment House of Kuwait, REDV has invested its time and efforts to find the best concepts and design prospects for its projects.
One with REDV had IUD and among two with AEDV, one with low MCA values had IUD and one with normal MCA values had LSCS for fetal distress with the baby requiring NICU admission for more than 4 days.