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REELResearch Evidence in Education Library (UK)
REELReceptive-Expressive Emergent Language (language impairment test)
REELResearch Experiences to Enhance Learning (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
REELReal Estate Environmental Liability
REELRamky Enviro Engineers Ltd. (est. 2006; Hyderabad, India)
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And when the King had ridden off she took the little shirts and went into the wood, and the reel showed her the way.
Bait up, Harve," said Dan, diving for a line on the reel.
A couple of lines, with very heavy leads and double cod-hooks, all neatly coiled on square reels, were stuck in their place by the gunwale.
At the end of the reel, Elam Harnish called the house up to drink again.
said the Rector laying down his reels, and putting his thumbs into his armholes with an air of attention.
Flannay Reels, manufacturer of durable hose and cable reels for both OEM and aftermarket applications, redesigned their website.
Reel on Hai recycles a common object like the cable reel which is a symbol of Karachi's industrial power and it's never ending expansion into an artwork.
It was pointed out that Reel On Hai is an ambitious public art project, aiming to rescue and transform discarded cable reels into works of art.
The Reel at St Patrick's Cathedral has been created by the celebrated cartoonist Feica and his daughter Fakeha.
Automates the operation of the reel during riser deployment eliminating the need for an operator to control the reel.
Game Changer Technology with Custom Retracting Cable Reel Systems
The most dependable fly reel drag material in my opinion is not real sexy.