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REFLEXReturn Flux Experiment
REFLEXResearch on English and Foreign Language Exploitation
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As James states, there is no difference, from the point of view of the outside observer, between voluntary and reflex movements.
The blink reflex, also known as the orbicularis oculi reflex test, may be indicative of lesions or dysfunctions of the brainstem, and particularly assesses the trigeminal-facial arch.
5%) severe gag patients and in Group B, 16 (40%) moderate and 24 (60%) severe gag patients didn't show any gag reflex when the lignocaine was mixed with alginate impression material.
In their mouse model, disabling the vestibulo-ocular reflex increases the optokinetic reflex.
Reflex Marine specialises in offshore personnel access by crane.
Parents are similarly able to detect a problem by noticing an abnormality in the red reflex in photographs taken when the 'red eye reduction' function happens to be switched off on their camera.
Masgutowa distinguishes: (Polish literature distinguishes between the searching and the rooting reflex whereas English literature uses these terms interchangeably)
The Hoffmann (H] reflex is widely acknowledged as an indirect indicator of spinal motor neuron excitability.
The fear paralysis reflex (FPR) may be described as one of the many primitive reflexes that all primates possess.
Reflex Elite are Hertfordshire's leading quality manufacturer and installer of double glazing and uPVC replacement windows, replacement doors and conservatories.
Rooting reflex Your baby will search for your breast to feed.