REFMResource Ecology and Fisheries Management
REFMRevenue Enhancement and Fiscal Management (est. 1995; Ministry of Finance; Lebanon)
REFMReal Estate Facilities Management
REFMReciprocal Exchange of Flanking Markers (biomedicine)
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The strength of the REFM platform has been highly beneficial to those who have engaged it.
REFM aims to be the global premier provider of Excel-based financial spreadsheet models, financial modeling training and education, and financial modeling consulting for real estate development transactions of all types.
My initial analysis of the NMFS (RACE, REFM programs) ragfish size data, presented in this paper, supports the hypothesis of juvenile ragfish being more abundant at the southern end of their range in the eastern Pacific as well as in the western Pacific Ocean off Japan (Kubota and Uyeno, 1971).
The REFM Division's Age and Growth Program used scales for determining the age of Pacific cod from 1976 to the early 1980s.