REFMResource Ecology and Fisheries Management
REFMReal Estate Facilities Management
REFMReciprocal Exchange of Flanking Markers (biomedicine)
REFMRevenue Enhancement and Fiscal Management (est. 1995; Ministry of Finance; Lebanon)
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Among the buyers surveyed, 50 percent said they plan to increase outsourcing of REFM services over the next one to two quarters.
Although some organizations are considering outsourcing REFM services for the first time, others that are already outsourcing are looking for opportunities to outsource more sites and services, as well as consolidate or restructure their current contracts to realize additional savings," said Ron Walker, principal and REFM sector leader in KPMG's Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory group.
Walker added, "As for REFM service providers, while their business continues to grow, the marketplace remains very competitive.
Both buyers and service providers identified reduction of operating costs as the top driver of REFM outsourcing, with 70 percent and 75 percent of respondents, respectively.
Among organizations that are currently outsourcing REFM activities, the most commonly outsourced REFM process area was workplace services, which includes janitorial, cafeteria, and amenities services.
While most organizations still tend to outsource tactical REFM services and perform many strategic activities in-house, a growing number of service providers are able to integrate outsourcing into existing business operations to provide more high-value and strategic services," said KPMG's Walker.
Lepeak added, "Where an end-user organization needs to be in their REFM outsourcing continuum should be a constantly evolving process, where ultimately an organization should move to what KPMG calls an 'extended global enterprise,' incorporating a broad range of service delivery models and techniques.
More than 200 respondents were surveyed for the KPMG REFM Outsourcing survey, with approximately one-third of the respondents from end-user buyer organizations currently undertaking REFM outsourcing, and two-thirds of respondents representing third-party providers of outsourcing and related REFM services.
Governmental and institutional documents, other than the RACE and REFM databases sent to me in August 1999, probably contain incidental catch data on ragfish not uncovered in this literature search.