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REFORGERReturn of Forces to Germany
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In the REFORGER exercises conducted in the 1990s, most lower level forces were replaced by simulated units through the use of the Corps Battle Simulation.
One particularly interesting example occurred in one of the US Army Reforger exercises.
Just as the Reforger commander used his SOTAS to verify that his deception plan was working, General Schwarzkopf used his Joint STARS to ascertain the Iraqis did not reposition their forces to counter the left hook.
Fully equipped with the most up-to-date weapons such as the M1 Abrams MBT, M2 Bradley APC, MLRS and AH-64 helicopter gunship, III US Corps was airlifted virtually lock, stock and barrel to West Germany in the 1987 REFORGER (REturn of FOrces to GERmany) exercise.
For example, joint universal lessons learned reports from Reforger exercises in 1987, 1988, and 1992, Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990-91, and Restore Hope in Somalia in 1992-93 noted that joint task force staffs were not adequately trained prior to deployment to the theaters of operation, thereby hindering operational effectiveness.
Currently JECEWSI is also supporting training simulations at Blue Flag, the 41st Training Group at Hurlburt Field, FL, and will be used to support both the Ulchi Focus Lens '92 exercise in Korea and the Reforger '92 exercise.
ALOG articles published in the "quiet 80s" reflected how the military logistics community turned introspectively, retrospectively, and even prospectively to the topics of logistics reorganization, training and readiness, the Reagan-era buildup, major exercise support (such as Reforger [Redeployment of Forces to Germany]), and the futures concepts (such as AirLand Battle 2000 and Army 21).
The first use of this network on a large scale will be the upcoming Ulchi Focus Lens and Reforger exercises; the involvement of the Joint EW Center in the latter trial ensures EW will be represented in this effort.
He remarked that the modern training exercises such as Reforger are now basically simulations.
3] GSM was demonstrated during 1984-1985 Reforger exercises in West Germany, where it successfully worked with the Army's OV-1D Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR) and the advanced development SOTAS MTI system.
The Army also is experimenting with new platforms; an Electronic Fighting Vehicle System (EFVS) with Trailblazer electronics performed well during the last Reforger exercises, Vollrath said.
After Vietnam, he participated in three REFORGERs with the "Big Red One," and served with the 32d U.