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REGIRaptor Education Group Inc (Wisconsin)
REGIRetired Employee Group Insurance (Nevada)
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As a potential leader in their industry, REGI US was a natural fit for our show," stated JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for 21[sup.
The companies have a common objective of developing a clean-burning new source of power for vehicles, which are currently using gasoline-driven piston engines," said REGI and Reg Technologies president John Robertson.
REGI said development and testing of the application is being overseen by REGI vice president Brian Cherry and two mechanics with more than 10 years experience with Mazda rotary engines.
Richmond, British Columbia-based Reg Technologies owns the worldwide rights to the Rand Cam rotary technology, with the company's subsidiary REGI U.
REGI steering committee members have spent time researching, mapping and identifying strategies to advance the recommendations specified in the report.
OTC Bulleting Board: REGRF; Vancouver: RRE) and its US subsidiary REGI U.
As per the agreement, REGI would pay around $35M in future payments on production volume