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REISReal Estate Information Services
REISReal Estate Information Standards
REISReal Estate Industry Solutions, Inc.
REISReconstitutable Enduring Intelligence System
REISRider Endorsement Information Screen (insurance)
REISState Kay Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information Systems (China)
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Not necessarily, for most other doctors noted paid more than 1,000 reis in taxes, including three neighbours who paid 4,000, 7,000, and 13,000 reis each.
Like Bank of America, Lend Lease and GMAGC will utilize Reis SE in support of essential real estate investment decision-making functions.
We missed four or five good opportunities and he did well,'' Virginia star Ben Olsen said of Reis.
Private Reis was founded in 1980 as a provider of commercial real estate market information.
The CMBS | Deal Analyst is available as separate service of the company's flagship product, Reis SE.
Reis, the current members of the Company's Board of Directors are: John Sperling, acting executive chairman; Brian Mueller, president of Apollo Group; Peter Sperling, senior vice president of Apollo Group; Dino DeConcini, vice president and senior associate of Project International, Inc.
Interests aggregating 23% in Reis, a real estate information and database company.
WRP has been an investor in Reis since 1998 and currently holds convertible preferred shares equivalent to an approximate 23% ownership interest in the company.
Reis CEO Lloyd Lynford describes both offerings as logical outgrowths of Reis's capabilities and responsiveness to client demand.
today released to Reis clients the company's highly regarded quarterly First Glance reports, offering preliminary findings on the performance of the U.
today announced the launch of the Reis Transaction Monitor, a new report that provides an immediate, detailed picture of commercial real estate sales activity for the apartment, office, retail, and industrial sectors in each of Reis's 80 metros.