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REISSResearch, Exchange and Impact for System Support
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Randy Reiss, a collector of cars old and new but all rare, finds himself in a unique position, at least for a while.
Address for correspondence: Errol Reiss, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Rd NE, Mailstop G11, Atlanta, GA 30333, USA; email: err2@cdc.
Torex Retail worked with the Reiss Group for eight months to define its EPoS and retail technology solutions, after which Edict was chosen as the solution to meet the communications and integration requirements of the retailer.
Before retiring from the police force, Reiss served as captain of the Queens Highway Patrol.
For Reiss, the modern understanding of the self derived not exactly from Descartes but strong misreadings of his work.
The most common reason they cite is that people embrace religion because of a fear of death, as expressed in the saying "There are no atheists in foxholes," Reiss says.
list of state sponsors of terrorism, and eventually normalizing bilateral relations, Reiss said.
Reiss, who lives in Hayle Close, Horeston Grange with mum Sharon, dad Paul and 17-year-old sister Aisha, will be belting out the hits as he takes to the stage in Leicester later this month.
Reiss and Havercamp's aims are two-fold: a) to identify humankind's fundamental motives and b) to highlight individual differences arising from these fundamental motives.
Now Diana Reiss of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has shown that bottlenose dolphins do know themselves.
Circuit Court of Appeals on July 6 overturned the case against Cory Reiss and Kirsten B.