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REITReal Estate Investment Trust
REITReal Estate Institute of Tasmania
REITReduction in Exercise-Induced Tachycardia (pharmacology)
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The team has also advised on numerous other significant REIT-related deals in the Asia-Pacific including Prospect REIT Investment Corporation's merger with Japan Rental Housing Investments Inc.
The gap in REIT pricing between the public and private markets is expected to shrink in 2007, but not vanish.
AJCA Section 243(b) amended the taxable REIT subsidiary (TRS) rules intended to prevent income shifting from aTRS to a REIT.
Once you get your working capital and the cash you need through a REIT, you don't need to look for additional capital unless you make a significant acquisition, such as a large chain.
A portion of most REIT dividends is treated as a return of capital.
A REIT may not derive more than 30% of its gross income from the sale or other disposition of stock or securities held for less than six months, property in prohibited transactions or most real property held for less than four years.
Look for a REIT with a clearly articulated and plausible strategy for adding value through development, rectifying deferred maintenance, active property management or repositioning the property.
Like most investors in non-traded REITs, KBS REITs were sold with typical promises of price stability, steady dividends, and steady returns.
What we refer to as the modern REIT era that began approximately 15 years ago, gave rise to the securitization of a large number of real estate companies.
In light of the calculation, the REIT shares could be perceived as a surrogate for actual real estate investments, as Congress intended.
Health care REITs (real estate investment trusts) own or finance approximately 1,500 of the nation's 17,000 nursing homes.
The agreement provides for the merger of the Management Company into the Shurgard REIT, pursuant to which all of the outstanding common stock of the Management Company will be converted into 1,400,000 shares of Class A Common Stock of the Shurgard REIT, subject to certain closing adjustments based on the market price of the Class A Common Stock (based on a 30-day average prior to closing) and changes in Management Company equity from October 31, 1994, to the closing.