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REITSReal Estate Investors of the Tri-States (Harrison, TN)
REITSRapid Exploitation of Innovative Technologies for SOF (Special Operations Forces; US DoD)
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Two new REITs were listed: Riyadh REIT and Al Jazira Mawten REIT.
Each share of REIT I common stock will be converted into the right to receive, at the election of the holder of such share cash, in an amount equal to the Net Per Share Price or a number of shares of REIT II common stock equal to the Net Per Share Price divided by USD 25.
Simply put, a REIT is a business entity (corporation, LLC electing to be taxed as a corporation or business trust) that meets a series of requirements set forth in the Internal Revenue Code and has elected REIT treatment.
For REITs, however, there is an important side effect--these changes increase the difference between the depreciation used for computing taxable income and that used for computing earnings and profits (E&P).
Health care REITs are being drawn to assisted living facilities by their high occupancy rates, good lease payment coverage ratios, and low default risk.
3 billion was raised as 50 new REITs began trading.
At least 75% of the income must be derived from real estate transactions, gains on other REIT shares, real property tax refunds, gains from foreclosed property, rent from real property, interest on mortgages, gains from the sale or disposition of most real property or real property interests and qualified temporary investment interest.
The important factor distinguishing REITs from other forms of real estate investment is liquidity -- shares can be bought or sold any day the markets are open.
KBS REIT I Investors who have lost money in KBS REIT Investments are encouraged to contact our securities attorneys to discuss their potential claims for recovery.
This trend alone has drawn investors to put money into REITs with the hope that a private institution will pay a premium on their share price in an effort to make an acquisition.
Example: B, an investor in REIT R, invested $10,000 for stock with a $10,000 current fair market value and a 10% dividend yield (i.
For nursing home operators, healthcare REITs are an alternative form of financing offering greater flexibility for expansion.