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RELAXREgular LAnguage description for XML
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The XMC4700 Relax Kit adds Ethernet-enabled communication, which can facilitate an embedded server, and a microSD Card slot that allows users to store HTML web pages.
Relax strategies, as described in this article, are evoked during the practice of a task.
We will call you for treatments so just sit back, relax and enjoy time for yourself.
the Rest and Relax package includes three nights stay at the resort, and a complimentary night's sty added; welcome champagne cocktail; two 50-minute relaxing massages with a 10% discount on other spa therapies; one three-course private candlelight dinner for two with a personal butler service; and daily a la carte breakfast.
Relax more than ticks both boxes - more than a quarter of a century on, it is undimmed and unforgettable.
Drop your bow shoulder, relax your arm, and let it hang from the shoulder bones.
Relax the body as much as possible, without collapsing.
You know how to pull the gun out of the holster, but not how to relax.
The UES should relax to subatmospheric pressure and then return to baseline.
Description for XML Core--New Generation, or RELAX NG (pronounced "relaxing"), an alternative to other schema languages that's quickly gaining momentum.
The most commonly used PNF technique is called stretch- contract-relax, where the muscle compartment is taken to the point of stretch for 10-15 seconds, followed by an isometric contraction (provided by a partner) for 3-5 seconds, followed by 3-5 second relax period.