RELMARegional Land Management Unit (Swedish International Development Agency; 1982-2006)
RELMARegenstrief LOINC Mapping Assistant (Regenstrief Institute)
RELMARegional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic (Rutgers)
RELMARemote Laser Micro Analysis
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RELMA parses the local test names into separate "words", using blanks and special characters as word boundaries, and places these words in the fields of the RELMA mapping screen (see far left column of five input fields in Fig.
RELMA automatically restricts the search to tests that are consistent with the local name and the local units (the local units field contains "mmol/dl" in the field at the top left of Fig.
1), the test name does not include any hint that it is a serum sodium, so RELMA returns sodium tests for the many different specimens.
For example, the user could request that RELMA find only molar measurements, as preferred in most European countries, or the mass measurements that are more commonly preferred in the US by clicking on "favor substance property" or "favor mass property".
RELMA has options for importing and exporting the local mapping file, for reporting the contents of the local mapping file and LOINC database, for finding words and units in the local system that LOINC does not recognize (often typographical errors or irrelevant words), and for converting these into words and units, respectively, that RELMA understands.
RELMA is provided at no cost from the Regenstrief Institute (8).
The same web site also provides the 85-page LOINC Users' Guide (PDF); the free RELMA program, which downloads with full LOINC access to the database; and the RELMA Users' Manual.
New releases of the LOINC database and/or RELMA program occur three to four times per year.