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REMRapid Eye Movement (band)
REMRapid Eye Movement (sleep state)
REMRoentgen Equivalent in Man/Mammal
REMRemainder (computer programming and mathematics)
REMRasterelektronenmikroskop (German)
REMReal Estate Management
REMReal Estate Magazine
REMRecognition Memory
REMRare-Earth Metal
REMRegistered Environmental Manager
REMRandom Effects Model
REMResource Efficiency Management (US Navy)
REMRisk Enterprise Management
REMRegister of Ecological Models
REMRadioactivity Environmental Monitoring
REMReflection Electron Microscopy
REMRandom Early Marking
REMRing Error Monitor
REMRéseau Européen de la Microfinance (French: European Microfinance Network)
REMRegional Electricity Market
REMRemote Elevator Monitoring
REMRetrieving Effectively from Memory (Shiffrin & Steyvers)
REMReference Earth Model
REMRéseau Européen des Migrations (French: European Migration Network; est. 2002)
REMRun-Time Enforcement for Mobile and Distributed Systems
REMRetention of Employment Model (UK NHS)
REMRapid Evaluation Method
REMRoute Evaluation Module
REMRefocusing Mechanism
REMRange Extension Modes
REMRange Equipment Manual
REMRange Encryption Module
REMRelease Escape Mechanism
REMResonancia Electromagnética
REMRelease Engagement Mechanism
REMRegistered Equipment Manager
REMRisk Equalisation Mechanism (EU health insurance)
REMRedmax Enterprise Modem
REMReady-to-Eat Meal
REMRadon Environmental Monitoring (Northbrook, IL)
REMRemote Extension Moscow
REMRefurbished Equipment Market
REMReview Existing Maintenance (engineering)
REMRickitt Educational Media (educational software: UK)
REMReal Estate Media
REMRacial Ethnic Minority (population classification)
REMRegional Executive Manager
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Researchers discovered a strong link between a higher risk of dementia and a lower percentage of REM sleep.
REM has a 30% direct interest in Mexalit through its joint venture with Bacanora, and when combined with REM's direct interest of 19.
But mice with disturbed REM sleep had memory trouble, the researchers found.
REM was bigger than the |individuals and so too are Stipe, the tribute; a drummer that matches Bill Berry's intensity in Martyn Smith, lead guitarist Steve Bell mirroring Peter Buck's passion and accuracy, second guitarist in John McGlough to delight anyone with an ear for the band's later material and bassist Anton Rowenski to honour Mike Mills' complex bass lines and musicianship.
From 1965 to 1985, production was dominated by the United States--the so-called "Mountain Pass Era" named for the Molycorp REM mine in California.
Alcohol's effects on REM sleep in the first half of sleep appear to be dose related.
A defining feature of normal REM sleep is active paralysis of all somatic musculature (sparing the diaphragm to permit ventilation).
which allowed REM to monitor the bore closely and make necessary corrections to both vertical and horizontal paths to keep the machine and product pipe on target.
The results indicate that any disruption in supplies of REM would have a critical negative impact on the industry.
Studies of people in REM seems to confirm that those who sleep in an east-west alignment have statistically much shorter REM periods compared to north-south sleeps.
As with most of the great discoveries in experimental science, the discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep was more an act of serendipity than a concerted effort to look for something as complex and astonishing as REM sleep.