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REOReal Estate Owned
REOResult Evaluation Object
REORatio of Error Object
REORange Estimate Object
REORegion Error Option
REORadial Error Offset
REOResident Evil: Outbreak (video game)
REOResearch Electro-Optics, Inc. (Boulder, CO)
REORansom Eli Olds (automobile manufacturer and namesake of the Oldsmobile and Reo brands; origin for band REO Speedwagon)
REORare Earth Oxide
REORenewable Energy Objective (various locations)
REORegional Education Office (various locations)
REORegional Ecosystem Office
REORegional Environmental Office
REORegional Embassy Office (US State Department)
REORegional Ecumenical Organization
REORespiratory Enteric Orphan Virus
REOReseau Educatif de l'Ontario (French)
REORadar Electro-Optical
REORadio Electronics Officer
REOResearch Enterprise Office (Malaysia)
REOResidual Efficient Organization
REORace Equality Officer
REOResource Optimizer
REORegional Economic Organisation
REOReadiness Engineering Office/Officer
REOReceiver Eye Opening (ANSI)
REORadiated Emissions Test
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That display board creates a colorful and informative backdrop for his display, which includes Denny's favorite REO piece: a 1953 REO Trollabout inboard trolling motor kit used to convert a rowboat to an inboard-powered craft.
REO Pro Corp has successfully worked with hundreds of agents in ensuring that they have the knowledge and experience to properly handle any REO listing, Short Sale listing and any situation that may come about during the process of listing a default property.
Critics, however, continue to contend the city's REO is illegal and they were quick to marginalize and to disparage the council's decision as selling out to labor.
NFHA's press release stated, "Nationally, and in each of the eight metropolitan areas, Wells Fargo's REO properties in communities of color were far more likely to have several deficiencies in maintenance or marketing than REO properties in predominantly white communities.
Several factors combine to increase the odds that REO homes will actually cost more to maintain than lenders can expect to sell them for.
The REO price stratification is apparent as these are usually the lowest sales in any given market.
The product comes in two configurations: REO BCA 100, a 1U appliance that starts with support for up to five application servers; and REO BCA 200, a 2U appliance that starts with support for up to 10 application servers.
Based at least partially on the success of the new engine, REO mowers soon became the world's leading builder of power lawn-mowers, with sales of nearly $10 million in 1950.
The Impact of `Responsibility' on Public Construction," the effectual elimination of Worcester's REO will open the bidding process on public construction projects to all qualified bidders, making the system fairer and the costs lower to the city.
Timely hands on process management and localized control are the keys to properly-by-property optimization of REO assets.