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REPLANTNaval Training Systems Center Representative Atlantic
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putida in individual and consortial combination to act as biofertilizer which can become one of the most promising biotechnologies to solve apple replant disease and can also improve production with low inputs in fertilizer.
Based on these trends, the concept of introducing regional specialty replant centers was suggested.
35 bones replant of dogs undergoing comprehensive treatment for osteosarcoma were studied.
Rootstocks for almonds and stone fruits were tested for their resistance to the Prunus replant disease complex near Parlier, CA.
Of particular interest to Mazzola is the role that resident populations of Pseudomonas bacteria could play in naturally protecting the trees' roots from infection by the pathogens that together cause apple replant disease.
4 Divide and replant Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile).
Le Royal Hotel made a pledge for 2008 to help replant Lebanon after the devastating forest fires of last summer.
Replant in groups of three and top dress with rose fertiliser.
In New Orleans, the money will be used to replant 650 trees throughout the celebrated City Park, which lost more than 1,000 trees during the hurricane.
The results, reported in the April 2005 issue of Applied and Environmental Microbiology, translate directly to forestry practices: after harvesting old-growth forests, replant with mixed tree species to improve future productivity.
Trees, Water & People has developed the "100% Replanted" program which consists of an online calculator that gives businesses and individuals an easy way to figure out how many trees they need to replant to offset their own paper use.