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The slightest particulars are of interest to us just now," the reporter reminded him.
Coulson," the reporter reminded him, "from some one in Washington, to the captain of the steamer and to the station-master of the London and North Western Railway.
This is all very interesting," the reporter said, "and I am sure I'm very much obliged to you, Mr.
The reporter left his new-made friend a short time afterwards, and took a hansom to his office.
That is a pretty good joke," said the Reporter, laughing as well as he could in the strangling rain - "a mule driver's prayer answered
Then, when he had confided the gruesome packet to the medical lawyer attached to the journal, he asked the lad, who was shortly to become famous as Rouletabille, what he would expect to earn as a general reporter on the "Epoque"?
Having said this, he begged the new reporter to retire, but before the youth had reached the door he called him back to ask his name.
The boy-faced reporter speedily made himself many friends, for he was serviceable and gifted with a good humour that enchanted the most severe-tempered and disarmed the most zealous of his companions.
The men who had jobs in the asylum had found out I was a newspaper reporter.
You are a reporter just as I was once and you have at- tracted my attention.
By each window do you see there are standing three reporters and an old editor, and this old editor is the worst, for he doesn't understand anything
So Daughtry and his crew went ashore into 'Frisco Town uheralded and unsung, the second following morning's lucubrations of the sea reporters being varied disportations upon the attack on an Italian crab fisherman by an enormous jellyfish.