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REPRReal Estate Planning Report
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com) Hi-Speed National Match trigger mechanism is standard equipment now on all of the LWRCI REPR models.
The LWRCI REPR series of rifles come equipped with Magpurs PMAG 20LR 7.
I selected the 5-25x56mm Steiner Military Riflescope with MSR reticle pattern to interface with the LWRCI REPR for the accuracy portion of our test and evaluation.
The 5-25x56mm Steiner Military Rifle-scope was attached to the LWRCI REPR Model with a 16.
We selected a sling and pad in ranger green to best match the LWRCI REPR.
Starting with a base price of $310, we had The Wilderness assemble the following Premiere Gun Case and accessories for our LWRCI REPR with a 16-inch spiral fluted barrel: a 1.
This is excellent, as the high-magnification optical sights that will be used, especially on the REPR Sniper Model, all too often interfere with M16/AR-15 retracting handles at the rear of the upper receiver at 12 o'clock.
com) Hi-Speed National Match trigger mechanism is standard equipment on the LWRCI REPR Sniper Model, as well as the DMR Model.
The LWRCI REPR Sniper Model with 20-inch barrel comes standard with a Magpul PRS [Precision Rifle/Sniper] Precision-Adjustable Buttstock.
LWRCI equipped the REPR Sniper Model rifle sent to us with their Skirmish BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights) front and rear emergency sights.
However, the LWRCI REPR Sniper Model with a 20-inch heavy, match-grade barrel and Geissele Hi-Speed National Match adjustable trigger is a true precision, high-power competition rifle or long range military Sniper Weapon System (SWS) and will in almost all cases be deployed with optical sights of much higher magnification.