RERCRehabilitation Engineering Research Center
RERCReal Estate Research Corporation
RERCRCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) External Review Committee
RERCReal Estate Research Council (Pomona, CA)
RERCReliant Energy Resources Corp. (Houston, TX)
RERCResearch and Engineering Center
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While for the Historic Cost Case BCNs (bank credit notes), are the form of funding, for the Fair Value Case the funding options are international perpetual bonds issued in American dollars, RERCs (real estate receivable certificates), and Brazilian debentures.
By property type, RERC found that required weighted-average unleveraged pretax yield rates increased slightly for offices and apartments but remained flat for the industrial, retail and hotel sectors in fourth-quarter 2013.
The Mobility RERC is funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research of the U.
The price of commercial real estate is beginning to gain ground on the value of this asset class, according to new information released in the summer 2014 issue of the RERC Real Estate Report.
The human bias that may be involved in the RERC predictions was first publicly researched by Keynes (5) in a study involving a fake beauty contest.
The RERC acquisition enables Situs to expand its services to include equity side-focused capabilities in addition to its debt-side products.
RERC offers valuation management and fiduciary services, appraisal and litigation services as well as research, risk analysis, and publications.
Abbreviations: IPM = interface pressure measurement, Mobility RERC = Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Wheeled Mobility, PU = pressure ulcer, SCI = spinal cord injury.
RERC WTS is, therefore, developing new ideas in occupant-protection systems for people who drive from their wheelchairs.
RERC already had a rich history of compiling research and data when Riggs became associated with the firm, having provided data to the real estate industry since James C.
CCIM and RERC caution that many characteristics of a trifurcated market will remain in 2011, as the division continues between the top-performing properties, distressed assets, and those properties in the middle.
We are excited about further expanding RERC's valuation practice in this region and to have Lev lead those efforts," said Ken Riggs, president and CEO of RERC.