RESCRegional Education Service Center
RESCRevised European Social Charter (treaty; Council of Europe)
RESCRoads and Environment Safety Center (Palestine)
RESCReuse Executive Steering Committee
RESCReactor Subcriticality
RESCReal-Time Situated Commitments
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A la vez, el formato de respuestas del procedimiento fue tomado del protocolo RESC (Refractive Error Study in Children) (11), para ninos entre 5 y 15 anos.
Given the further growth in demand anticipated for electric scooters, Fujitsu and RESC seek to help bring about a society in which renewable energy is utilized by using ICT to allay concerns about battery charging and replacement.
By integrating ICT and energy fields, Fujitsu and RESC will build a new system that can manage and analyze batteries.
Within the year, RESC plans to run verification tests of its electric vehicle system based on charging lockers and batteries that can be charged, replaced, and monitored anytime and anywhere, as part of a new concept in electric vehicles that uses renewable energy.
EcoGlobal applied for an RESC in mid-2015 for a $100-million, 30-megawatt solar farm that would power up the Zamboanga Peninsula.
But RESC requirements made the application long and tedious.
Henry copied and pasted them on the Whatsapp chat group of the EcoGlobal team handling the RESC, which included Tanada.
For this, SNAP noted that it already signed RESC with the energy department.
Joining them will be visiting clubs and players from Riyadh, Dammam and Assir regions namely PBC, Elite, Baddicts-Riyadh, COPS, RESC, SMASH-R, Ittefaq, and Raketeers.