RESCURemote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit (satellite/cellular automobile help system)
RESCURecovery from Error Spread Using Continuous Updates (error recovery scheme)
RESCURoad Emergency Services Communications Unit
RESCUResidential Emergency Signal Color Units
RESCURenaissance Entertainers, Services, Crafters United (Fuquay-Varina, NC)
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BEIRUT: In March of this year the Dar al-Ajaza al-Islamiyya Hospital opened Lebanon's first palliative care center, RESCU (Respiratory Special Care Unit), which expanded the hospital's existing geriatric facilities.
Palliative patients in the RESCU center include people who are in comas or who are suffering from terminal forms of cancer.
A RESCU system has two buttons on the car's dashboard, one for roadside and another for emergency assistance.
With over 500 members from all areas of the real estate industry, NYARM provides a steady flow of information for members through its monthly newspaper and other publications; seminars and lectures; dinner meetings and other special events such as, holiday parties, auctions, etc; an annual trade show; a Vendor Clearing House, where contractors receive pre-qualification on the basis of their past performance; a Technical Information Network, which provides solutions to management problems via telephone; and currently in the development stages, RESCU (Real Estate Services Credit Union).
He has extensive call center experience, including vice president of operations at Westinghouse Security Systems, which pioneered Lincoln RESCU during his tenure.
inspection and repair of 80 overhead signs,repair of RESCU vehicle detectors,expressway sweeping operations and debris removal,replacement of about 200 metres of damaged guardrails,inspection, repair and re-lamping of more than 200 street lights, and
introduced the RESCU system In 1995, it relied on the then-common analog cellular phone network for the one-touch emergency call system.
s Lincoln RESCU development team at Westinghouse, is president of the new company.
In addition to the Infiniti Communicator, Protection One provides vehicle security monitoring for Ford Motor Company's Lincoln RESCU program.
The group began production of Ford's Lincoln RESCU (Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit) System.
Lincoln-Mercury reported that starting next month, RESCU will be available on some specially equipped Continental models.