RESCURemote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit (satellite/cellular automobile help system)
RESCURecovery from Error Spread Using Continuous Updates (error recovery scheme)
RESCURoad Emergency Services Communications Unit
RESCUResidential Emergency Signal Color Units
RESCURenaissance Entertainers, Services, Crafters United (Fuquay-Varina, NC)
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BEIRUT: In March of this year the Dar al-Ajaza al-Islamiyya Hospital opened Lebanon's first palliative care center, RESCU (Respiratory Special Care Unit), which expanded the hospital's existing geriatric facilities.
A RESCU system has two buttons on the car's dashboard, one for roadside and another for emergency assistance.
Unlike the RESCU program offered on Continental and LS in previous years, VCS includes a voice-activated, portable, wireless phone that docks with the in-vehicle telematics system.
Among those using Etak's innovative mapping solutions are Protection One, GM ONSTAR, Lincoln RESCU, Satellite Tracking Technologies (STT), Eagle Monitoring and Data Burst Technologies.
Big Three automakers as well as the European and Japanese OEMs have made telematics development a major priority, with GM's burgeoning OnStar system, Ford's RESCU and Wingcast and DaimlerChrysler's Tele Aid.
The group began production of Ford's Lincoln RESCU (Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit) System.
and Motorola to introduce the first in- vehicle telematics program, Lincoln RESCU.
Lincoln-Mercury reported that starting next month, RESCU will be available on some specially equipped Continental models.
ATX pioneered in-vehicle telematics in the United States when in early 1996 it partnered with Ford Motor Company and Motorola to introduce the first in-vehicle telematics program, Lincoln RESCU.
Protection One Mobile Services, in cooperation with Ford Motor Company and Motorola, was the first to market with an automotive telematics system with the 1996 introduction of Lincoln RESCU.
Visteon is already a leader in automotive electronic systems with key technologies such as ICES, voice-activated control systems, audio systems and RESCU (Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit), a factory installed Global Positioning System and cellular phone network that aids drivers in distress.