RESOLVReconstruction Using Scanned Laser and Video (computer modeling tool)
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In addition to the foundations mentioned, participants include Duke, Harvard, Yale, the Consumer's Union, WRI, RESOLV, USGBC, Dow Chemical, McKinsey, USBCSD, the EPA and the USDA.
At a regional level, in March 2007 the Washington, DC-based nonprofit group RESOLV prepared a report, Public Funding Incentives for Private Residential and Commercial Watershed Protection Projects, for officials in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Here we report the use of water-in-CO2 microemulsion in the preparation of various metal (Silver, copper) and metal sulfide (cadmium sulfide, lead sulfide and silver sulfide) nanoparticles via RESOLV (Rapid Expansion of a Supercritical Solution into a Liquid SOLVent).