RETRRelative Electron Transport Rate (photosynthesis)
RETRReal Estate Tax Receipt
RETRReal Estate Transfer Return (Department of Revenue; Wisconsin)
RETRReturns the Expected Transfer (computing)
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1]) of photosynthesis, and [alpha] the slope of the RETR vs.
The effect of temperature on RETR was determined by carrying out a series of "rapid light curves" (RLCs) using the Diving PAM, at temperatures of 4.
The pooled in situ observations of RETR for Calliergon could be fitted to the hyperbolic tangent function (Fig.
3 for RETR derived from the laboratory experiments is, however, similar to that reported for photosynthesis in other polar aquatic mosses (Priddle, 1980b) and clearly shows that, if irradiance is adequate, an increase in temperature will lead to an increase in photosystem activity.