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REVEALResearch, Examine, Verify, Educate, Assist, Liberate (organization of former members of the International Churches of Christ)
REVEALResearch Environment for Vehicle-Embedded Analysis on Linux
REVEALRensselaer Emerging Ventures Ecosystem Accelerator Laboratory (Troy, NY)
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They stood in the noon of that strange and solemn splendour, as if it were the light that is to reveal all secrets, and the daybreak that shall unite all who belong to one another.
d'Avrigny, which he now examined so closely; it was doubtless a miracle from heaven, that, notwithstanding her precautions, there should be some trace, some proof remaining to reveal the crime.
But I know that as I worked at it, every flake and film of colour seemed to me to reveal my secret.
And bow strange it was that, instead of having been forced to reveal his own secret, he had succeeded, almost by chance, in wresting a secret from his friend
He says in discussing the view that introspection reveals the occurrence of knowledge: "There can be no denial of the existence of the thing (knowing) which is alleged to be known or observed in this sort of 'introspection.
As against the view that introspection reveals a mental world radically different from sensations, I propose to argue that thoughts, beliefs, desires, pleasures, pains and emotions are all built up out of sensations and images alone, and that there is reason to think that images do not differ from sensations in their intrinsic character.
Reveal Dental is one of the fastest-growing family dentists in the area, and is fully equipped to offer a wide range of the best in dental services.
Reveal said that the new firm combines Q Data's implementation expertise and Expert IG's business networks and analytic capabilities with the supply chain optimisation capabilities of Reveal.
Your download of Reveal magazine is specially designed to fit both iPad and iPhone.
php) soapcentral reveal, however, that Justin is going to try his best to hide the truth that he is the helicopter pilot who pushed Ridge off to the coast.
Reveal the Passion is said to present a sultrier side of Berry and promise tantalizing mysteries.
Reveal began her career with ODRC as a parole officer and quickly demonstrated her talent and established her credentials as a trainer and administrator.