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REVIVALRetrofitting for Environmental Viability Improvement of Valued Architectural Landmarks (Euopean Commission; London)
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And truly the religious revival assumed formidable proportions.
Dad blame dat revival, I wisht it had 'a' be'n put off till tomorrow
You see, it was a Methodist revival father got converted in, and so of course he joined the Methodist church.
This collection of Nevelet's is the great culminating point in the history of the revival of the fame and reputation of Aesopian Fables.
There's nothing I'm so thankful to the revival of the old fashions for as the kissing the hand.
It is not a mere whim; it is not the casual revival of my old wishes and desires; but an earnest, solemn purpose.
Though this was only a recurrence of what had happened before, it struck all present as if it had been death, not only from its contrast with the completeness of the revival, but because his words had all had reference to the possibility that his death was near.
But she was filled with the thought of a great revival that Ebenezer Naismith could preach--she was a dear saint--and she spoke of a great church, saying:
They flanked opposite ends of the house and were probably architectural absurdities, redeemed in a measure indeed by not being wholly disengaged nor of a height too pretentious, dating, in their gingerbread antiquity, from a romantic revival that was already a respectable past.
I am confident that it took no distinctness of shape, and that it was the revival for a few minutes of the terror of childhood.
They contained no actual complaint, nor was there any revival of past occurrences, or any communication of present suffering.
His activity in revivals was great, and he proved himself an instrument in the hands of the church in converting many souls.