REVTReal Estate Virtual Tour (software; Real World Imaging)
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At the firm level the following were controlled: (i) profitability (Pre-TaxROA), measured as pre-tax earnings before exceptional items (Item PI--Item SPI) divided by lagged total assets; (ii) firm size (LogSize), using the natural log of total assets; leverage (Leverage), calculated as total debt (Item DLTT + Item DLC) divided by total assets (Item AT); and (iv) growth in sales (SalesGrth), as the variation in revenue divided by lagged revenue (variation in Item REVT divided by Item REVT lagged).
Asuntos resueltos en la Sala Superior por tipo de medio (nov 2007-oct 2008) JRC 12% RAP 5% AG 12% OP 12% JLI 12% Otros (REC, CLT SFA REVT, RRVy CDC) 12% JDC 80% Note: Tabla derivada de grafico segmentado.