RFCMRules for the Common Man (role-playing game)
RFCMRunner for Christ Ministries (Michigan)
RFCMRadio Frequency Counter Measures
RFCMRadio Frequency Control Monitor
RFCMRencontres Françaises de la Coopération Multilatérale (French: French Encounters of Multilateral Cooperation)
RFCMRat Fibroblast-Conditioned Medium (neuroscience)
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Equations of the estimated RFCM can be written as follows:
i] = 0 Table 11 Estimation results for the RFCM LUSD LEUR LJPY d 0.
military that links the aircraft's radar warning system, mission computer, RFCM system, and fiber optic towed decoy into a unified defensive system.
IDECM RFCM is currently undergoing development flight testing at China Lake, Calif.
IDECM RFCM incorporates avionics, including the on-board receiver and processing system developed and manufactured by ITT Industries' Avionics Division, and the off-board countermeasures which include the high power Fiber Optic Towed Decoy developed by Sanders.
IDECM RFCM elements tested included the techniques generator (receiver, modulator and processor), the signal conditioning assembly and equipment rack.
Sanders and ITT Avionics were selected in November of 1995 by the Department of Defense for the EMD phase of the joint Navy-Air Force IDECM program and in June of 1997, Sanders received a contract from Boeing to provide the IDECM RFCM subsystem for the Air Force B-1B Defensive System Upgrade Program (DSUP).
Sanders' IDECM Program Manager Jay Herther said, "IDECM sets the Worldwide standard for RFCM for the next 20 years.