RFCMRules for the Common Man (role-playing game)
RFCMRunner for Christ Ministries (Michigan)
RFCMRadio Frequency Counter Measures
RFCMRadio Frequency Control Monitor
RFCMRencontres Françaises de la Coopération Multilatérale (French: French Encounters of Multilateral Cooperation)
RFCMRat Fibroblast-Conditioned Medium (neuroscience)
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RFCM allows each feature vector belonging to every cluster with a fuzzy truth value ranging between low (0) and high (1) and [CC.
Additional information regarding the company's RFCM solutions can be found at www.
To counter these limitations, the services are acquiring both the ALE-50 and RFCM towed decoy systems to improve survivability against radar-controlled threats.
The RFCM system is designed to be integrated into the MC-130J Commando II and the AC-130J Ghostrider aircraft in support Special Operation Forces missions, including armed protection and refueling of helicopters in war zones, close air support and interdiction missions in hostile territory.
A technology leader, ITT Industries has developed the next-generation of electronic-protection suites with the AN/ALQ-211 family of systems and the AN/ALQ-214 IDECM RFCM.
Air Force IDECM RFCM system, developed by BAE SYSTEMS Information & Electronic Warfare Systems (IEWS).
Our all-digital RFCM system will ensure the mission-critical C-130J fleet remains capable and protected in the harshest environments.
Track Four presented technology briefings on " System Equalization for SEI" by Charles Estrella, Research Associates of Syracuse; "ALO-l62 RFCM Upgrade for Pulse Doppler" by Tom Wiedmeyer, Northrop Grumman; "EW Support for the Submarine Force of the 21st Century" by William Phelps, US Navy, PMS 435; "Scalable Data Exploitation Systems" by Dr.
This round of OPEVAL will involve only on the onboard portion of the IDECM RFCM system, the AN/ALQ-214, and will focus on system-level performance and aerodynamic testing (safe separation et al.
Mike Williams, IEWS' Director of RFCM, said, "We are extremely pleased with our in-flight testing on the B-1B.
IDECM RFCM incorporates avionics, including the onboard receiver and processing system developed and manufactured by ITT Industries' Avionics Division, and the off-board countermeasures which include the high power FOTD and deployment canister developed by BAE SYSTEMS.