RFCVRadio Frequency Coverage Volume
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Topics of invited papers include the tight distribution of dielectric characteristics of HfSiON in metal gate devices, dynamical properties of orthorhombic phases of Group IVb transition metal oxides, interface characterization in nanoelectronics, theoretical studies on Fermi level pining of Hf-based high-k gate stacks based on thermodynamics, the role of ionicity in defect formation in Hf-based dielectrics, challenges in gate stack etching and cleaning, crystalline rare-earth oxides as high-k materials for future CMOS technologies, high-k characterization by RFCV, uses for germanium, and the essence of VFB shifts in high-k gate stacks.
The Agilent 4075 and 4076 support both HFCV (4294A) and RFCV (ENA) instrumentation, enabling users to choose the best method to fit their process technology and production test needs.
The ENA and PNA used for the RFCV and RF S-parameter measurements give the Agilent 4075 and 4076 many advantages, including faster test speed and improved reliability relative to other widely used VNAs.