RFWRequest For Waiver
RFWRed Flag Warning (wildfire management)
RFWRadio Frequency Weapons
RFWRanching for Wildlife
RFWRain Fell Within (band)
RFWRagdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club (cat breeding organization)
RFWRailfan Window
RFWRadio Fréquence Web (French Internet radio station)
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Among the bread wheat cultivars, the highest RFW value (Table 3) was observed in Kenanbey (58.
For Edith to act as an autonomous host in RFW she must also implement a turn-taking policy, preferably one with the same goals.
Diekstra RFW (1985) Suicide and suicide attempts in European Community: an analysis of trend with special emphasis on trends among the youth.
109) To get a sense of how RFW can address the issues arising from a split wildlife estate, consider the specifics of Colorado's program, Colorado Ranching for Wildlife.
In the interactive treatment (125 mM NaCl + low calcium) 25-SAWSN-39, 25-SAWSN-12, 25-SAWSN-42 and SARC-1 were statistically similar and produced better RFW than the rest of the genotypes.
The girl described them as a white female, a black female and two black males driving a white 2001 Chevrolet Impala with gold trim and Arizona license plate 095 RFW.
BEFORE RFW, the state established license quotas based on elk populations and desired harvest balanced against traditional harvest rates, usually well under 25 percent.
Diekstra, RFW, Keinhorst, CWM & de Wilde, EJ 1995, 'Suicide and suicidal behavior among adolescents', in M Rutter & DJ Smith (eds), Psychosocial trends in young people: time trends and their causes, Wiley, Chichester, pp.
The RFW have now targeted the North West as an area with special needs, and are putting some money into establishing a centre of excellence at Waterloo.
RFW Bron introduces a new self-propelled utility plow.
and is now handled by RFW Distributing, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.