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RFXRecord Field Exchange
RFXRegulatory Factor X
RFXRefrigerated Food Express (Avon, MA)
RFXRecord Field Exchange (data transfer; computer programming)
RFXReversed-Field Experiment (fusion power)
RFXReceiver/Fixture Interface
RFXRequest for Information, Proposal or Quotation
RFXTactical Experimental Reconnaissance Aircraft
RFXRoyal Foreign Exchange (Royal Bank of Canada)
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Russell Investments made its end-to-end trading solution RFX Network accessible to clients via Eze Software Group's order management system.
The acquisition forms a perfect complementary fit and is strategically important for the companies as they will be able to expand their existing agent network and geographic footprint, RFX president Jim Morse said.
Instead of having a business process, where participants pass electronic information from one player to another linearly, RFX acts as a central repository that each player interacts with parallel and directly.
Brand Names: AdBac, Aptra, CLAF-ANCI joint venture, Duon, Petromat, RFX
Pioneer Transfer and RFX share similar philosophies and the purchase of Pioneer will allow both companies to expand the current agent network and enter into new geographic territories," says RFX President Jim Morse.
Russell Investments' RFX Network is now a certified endpoint on the Charles River Network Service.
The Endura CuBS RFX PVD system enables customers to extend their existing process flows for another two device generations with robust, production-proven PVD technology, and avoid risk to their production lines that unproven and costly new integration schemes could present.
Among the new offerings are the 640 fire alarm control panel, ACPS addressable power supply, XPIQ multichannel audio transponder, RFX wireless detection system, and Acclimate Plus detector.
On the RFX side of the business, Amoco is supplying several companies, including Baxter and Scott Durafab, with RFX and RFX composites for medical, industrial and other applications.
The series includes the 640 Fire Alarm Control Panel, ACPS Addressable Power Supply, XPIQ multichannel audio transponder, RFX wireless detection systems, and Acclimate Plus detector, as well as the existing VIEW and HARSH detectors.
Another application for Claf fabric has been as an insulation facer fabric, which uses Claf laminated to RFX fabric for a nonwoven that does not stretch.
Kerry Williams, vice president-research and development; Mark Williams, director of development; Pete Pascavage, research supervisor, fabrics Plants: Hazlehurst, GA; Nashville, GA; Roanoke, AL (ANCI plant under construction) Processes: Needlepunched, RFX fabrics Brand Names: RFX, AmoPave, Amolene, CLAF Major Markets: Geotextiles, Furniture Fabrics, Protective Apparel, Medical Disposables, Agricultural Fabrics