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RFZRinforzando (Italian: stressed, reinforced; music direction)
RFZRadio Free Zion (Matrix Online community radio station)
RFZReflection Free Zone
RFZRivera Fracture Zone (Mexico)
RFZRacism Free Zone
RFZReverse Flow Zone
RFZRotating Frame Zeugmatography (medical imaging)
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What I wanted to pinpoint there it was the use of network potential as strategic tool on retail market: while the BCR preferred mainly the structure of big-size branches (167 branches) with manager + deputy manager + financial director + law adviser + heads of division + even more executive and control employees +/- security, its competitor RFZ had lower its wages cost by setting up mainly the agencies (132 agencies) having a less complex structure than a branch, but a strong IT communication channel between agencies and head office.
Other flying activities will also be restricted within the RFZ.
Thousands of students who have passed through our doors in the past 13 years have benefited from experiencing a RFZ school.