RG3Robert Griffin III (American football player)
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It was a desperately sad sight but, because RG3 told Shanahan he was OK, Shanahan refused to act.
Shanahan was finally forced to act when RG3 fell to the ground in agony after seeming to worsen the injury to his knee.
Parker added that he hoped to apologize directly to Grifffin and that he contacted the Redskin's quarterbac's agent, but it's unclear whether he got through to RG3.
In the event that the RG3 would stop because of an obstacle or interference, the maintenance supervisor would be notified via a pager system.
Typically, a golf course would have a fleet of three to four RG3 mowers, similar to the three- to fourman crews that typically care for a golf course.
In the winter of 1998, reciprocal crosses RG3 x ELLP2, RG3 x C1726, RG3 x Elgin87, RG1 x ELLP3, RG1 x CLP1, and RG1 x Elgin87 were made.
The crosses RG3 x ELLP2, RG3 x C1726, RG1 x ELLP3, RG1 x CLP1, and RG1 x Elgin87 were used to calculate relative gene substitution values as described by Stojsin et al.
The RG3 will advance golf course maintenance to a degree not seen since the advent of the gasoline engine," said Brian Wheat, Precise Path's vice president of sales and marketing.
By using a proprietary positioning technology that trumps GPS, the RG3 moves precisely and safely across the green - traveling in straight lines and along the perimeter without the need for a human operator.
The new HOBO RG3 system enables agricultural researchers, growers, stormwater managers and others to record rainfall data right out of the box without having to purchase and integrate multiple components.
Convenient data offload - The HOBO RG3 offloads data to a PC via a convenient optical interface, which provides high-speed, reliable data offload in wet environments.
And this year, the Redskins gave up a staggering haul of draft picks for the right to grab RG3.