RGAERegle Generale Anti-Evitement (French: General Anti-Avoidance Rule; Ontario, Canada)
RGAERossiiskii Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Ekonomiki (Lithuanian: Russian State Archive of the Economy)
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RGAE (1562/41/65/36) for the figures of 1957 to 1949.
Column (o): State budget expenditure (SBE): RGAE (7733/15/491/25, 29) and RGAE (7733/36/1847/119, 127, 129) for 1923-1937.
I am also grateful to the Editor for the useful comments and suggestions on the earlier draft of this paper and to Sergei Deogtev of the RGAE and Elena Katasonova of the Russian Academy of Sciences for their kind support for my work at the RGAE.
The archive materials of the Russian State Archive of Economy (Rossiiskii Gosudarstvennyi Arkhiv Ekonomiki: RGAE) are referred to in the conventional way to indicate the Fond number/the Opisi number/the Delo number/[if available] the List number as RGAE w/x/y/z).
Gosplan SSSR and TsSU SSSR, Narodonoe khozyaistvo SSSR (1913-1957 gody), RGAE 1562/41/233.
arrivee a la bonne decision en jugeant que la RGAE ne s'appliquait
premier cas portant sur le magasinage de traite et la RGAE.
16) RGAE, 4372/38/74, 53-60; this memorandum was entitled 'On Recording the Number of Manual and White-Collar Workers in the National Economy'.
The archival references are to Rossiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv ekonomiki (the Russian State Archive of the Economy) RGAE, given as fond/opis'/delo, list (folio).
69) "Materialy o rabote Vsesoiuznogo soveshchaniia po obshchepitu, 1956," RGAE f.
93) "Stenogramma soveshchaniia rabotnikov obshchepita Ministerstv torgovli soiuznykh respublik," RGAE f.
Where the documents from the Central Party Archive (now RGASPI) let us trace the evolution of central policy as well the activities of the middle-level bureaucracy, we can supplement them with documents from GARF [the State Archive of the Russian Federation], RGAE, and particularly from the OGPU.