RHFMRalf Henning Finanz Management (German: Ralf Henning Financial Management)
RHFMResearch in Healthcare Financial Management (publication of ISRHFM)
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This is certainly a timely and important issue, and a provocative note on which to conclude this volume of RHFM.
We invite you to dream a little, write a lot, re-write even more and send us your efforts for consideration in RHFM.
At RHFM, we are working to take some of the mystery out of the manuscript review process.
Next all the completed records were reviewed for the following: quality of submission, appropriateness of fit for RHFM, timeliness of the topic and representativeness of our audience.
Simultaneous with the record review, I contacted the RHFM Editorial Board members to inform them of the change in Senior Editor and ensure their continued commitment and participation.
The review forms that are used for this process ask the reviewer to comment on the interest of the paper to the readership of RHFM, the originality and content of the paper, the study design, the statistical analysis, the validity of conclusions, and the clarity of the writing.
Accordingly, the articles in this issue of RHFM begin with a study of the relationship between strategic linkage consistency and firm performance in US hospital systems, by Nicole L.
As always, in our continuing efforts to serve the professional and scholarly pursuits of our members and readers, we solicit your manuscript submissions to RHFM and your involvement in the many outstanding international society for Research in Healthcare Financial Management programs.